A Love Built on Magic, the Force, and Food

When I started blogging and posting stuff on my own website, I promised myself that I would never write those really sappy and overly-sentimental posts about my significant other. I thought that it was just a big façade and an overstatement about how “perfect” their relationship was. That was before I met my boyfriend Gabe and realized why all of those posts exist on the Internet. The simple fact is that it’s just hard to keep all of the joy and excitement you feel about that person to yourself and you feel like you have to shout it at everyone you see or else you’ll explode. And maybe some of those posts are still a little exaggerated, but if the others are even remotely similar to how I feel about Gabe, then they are probably an understatement. Gabe and I met completely at random. We probably never would have met were it not for some sort of fate or divine plan or massive cosmic event. Yet it strikes me even now how starkly different my life would be had we not met a little over a year ago. I love everything that he does. I love how his toes wiggle when we listen to music and how he makes duck noises at me when I make my own weird noises (we’re freaks, we own it). I love how his hand feels in mine and how he smells good even though he says he didn’t put on deodorant. I love how he cooks delicious food for me and how responsible he is. I love that he’s a dork and a geek just like me and embraces it. I love that he is strong for me when I need him to be, and that he’s not afraid to be vulnerable when he needs to be. I love that he has made me venture out and never left my side through it all. And most of all I love that I have never had to question whether or not he loved me back, because I can see it in the way he looks at me, as if him telling me frequently wasn’t enough. A lot of people have told me in the past year to take it slow and to not get my hopes up because we’re young and things change. But call me a romantic as you may, there’s not a sliver of doubt in my mind that we will spend our lives together. There’s a quote from Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights that talks about how Heathcliff and Catherine’s souls are made of the same thing. When I read that in ninth grade I cried because I thought I’d never find that sort of love in a relationship, yet that’s how I feel about Gabe and I. The only difference is that while Heathcliff and Catherine’s souls were probably made out of dust, tears, and handkerchiefs, our souls are made out of awesome things like Harry Potter magic, the Force, mountains of food, and a lot of love for one another. I realize how lucky I am to have Gabe, not only as a boyfriend but also as a best friend. I hope that everyone finds that sort of person in their life, whoever it may be and whatever your preferences are. My heart feels so full from this year and I’m so excited to spend however many I have left with this incredible man. Thanks for a wonderful first year, I love you infinitely Gabe.

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