Vent Frais Pt. 2

Sometimes it's really hard for me to stay inspired when working on the same project for an extended period of time. That's why I started off shooting portraits. They don't take much planning (at least mine didn't) from inception to finish. Therefore the five to six months that I'm spending in development for my F3, while invaluable, are at times excrutiatingly long. I'm itching all over just waiting to go out and make this movie that I've been thinking about for 3 months now. But, as everyone has told me to, I'm biding my time doing tests here and there, mainly for weekend projects. It's amazing the discoveries that can be made when you actually use projects to further your personal goals.

Which brings me to this kind of disturbing selfie. (Hopefully that's the first and last of those on this blog. We'll see.)

There may be a frozen dead woman in my F3, not to give away any spoilers. And I'm all about practical makeup, because I really feel that it has a heart and life of its own. So this weekend project is all about the makeup.

My forever brave and amazingly helpful production designer, Mary Kate Broadway and I sat down tonight and smeared things on my face to get to this picture. And I think it's pretty awesome and super close to what I'm going for. We're going to be doing some screen tests with the makeup soon, so stay tuned for more!

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