Vent Frais Pt. 3

So my F3 may also have something to do with starvation. (Jeeze I'm just going to give away my story by the end of all of these development updates.) Which presents the major issue of how do we make our atresses appear progressively more malnourished and emaciated over the course of two days. Of course doing starvation makeup pracatically is something that we're going to attempt on set.

We were working on 3D tracking this week in Comp I, though, and our assignment was to add a scar or some sort of distinguishing facial feature to stock footage of a woman's face. 3D tracking can be done in Adobe After Effects using the Mocha AE plugin that comes with the software. Mocha essentially finds a planar surface in the footage (which you as the artist have to define), and then tracks the movement of that plane in 3D space. You can then take that tracked data back into After Effects and comp in a element onto that plane. Then using blending modes and artistry, you can combine the two into a new believable image.

The assignment gave me an idea: what if I could enhance the practical makeup we do on set with adding digital makeup and shading in post? So that's what I tried out for my assignment.

If you watch the before and after video all the way through, you'll see that the track kind of gets lost towards the end around the left side of the models cheek. I realized that this happed because her cheek is on a different 3D plane than her forehead and eye sockets (which is what I tracked). So, when I try this effect out for my film in post, I just have to make separate elements for the different planes of her face.

Not bad for a first shot, in my opinion.

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