Vent Frais Pt. 4

I had the great pleasure of getting to shoot a scene from my F3 in my cinematography class last Friday. The scene is really between two sisters, but because of circumstances Spencer and Mark had to stand in (I think they did brilliantly). We were shooting on the Red Dragon (woohoo, go digital cinema!), on 25mm and 50mm prime lenses. The 25mm lens is the one in the bottom right corner. We were emmulating a blizzard morning light from the window, so we chose to shoot studio lights (I believe they were bl

ondies) through several silks and diffusion. Then we filled with an inkie bouncing off of a white card. There was also a couple of lights (1Ks?, sorry I was busy directing) that were filling that back corner. Then we turned the camera's color temperature up (making white light bluer). Then I took the footage into Premiere to edit it together, and then into DaVinci Resolve to color it (most amazing thing I have ever scene by the way).

So anyhow, that was fun, and I'm super stoked to shoot my film in January with my DP, the incredibly wonderful and unceasingly optimistic Lily Ziegler!

#ventfrais #cinematography #testshoot

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