Vent Frais Pt. 5

One of my proudest factors about my upcoming F3 is my decision to make the entire film French. I don't know what possessed me to jump out and off of my cliff of safeness, but I decided that this film simply had to be in French. Perhaps I'm doing it to be different, to challenge myself, to rediscover and share the discovery of how beautiful the French language, or to reconnect with the part of myself and Livvy that got left in Paris. Whatever the reason, and although I admit to waivering internally and questioning my decision, I am proud to say that I am committed to that decision.

I bring this up today because not only an hour ago, I received an email from my high school French teacher, Madame Janet Dieter, saying that she would happily play the mother in the film. My heart is currently singing. Not only do I get a fluent actress in my film, and not only do I get a second ear on set to help me with my other leads' pronunciation, but I get to have the woman that planted my love for French as a teenager come and watch me use her teachings in my own field.

Je suis très chanceuse.

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