Vent Frais Pt. 6

As almost everyone knows, I finished principal photography on my F3 "Vent Frais" in January. I've refrained from posting any screenshots of the footage because I was concerned that I wasn't being honest with myself about the quality of the footage. I thought I was just stuck in a sort of honeymoon phase with the footage where I could find no flaws with it. Plus I had the conceited idea that if I kept the nature of the film or the quality of the footage a secret, there would be a sort of air of mystery around the film that would somehow benefit its reception whenever it is finished. Now, I realize that I have had time to move out of that honeymoon phase. And just like a romantic relationship, I still love my footage, even with its very few and slight imperfections. More importantly, I realize now that I have not gotten to show off just how amazing and talented my artistic team is. As much as this film is my brainchild and my story, it is also the product of my incredible production designer Mary Kate Broadway and director of photography Lily Ziegler. (And I have to mention again my wonderful producer Drew Mazzarella, without whom nothing could have happened.) These frames are their visual collaboration. And I think they are beautiful. And I am beyond proud of my team and what they were able to accomplish.

All of this being said, I hope that these images will intrigue and excite!

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