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It's been a few weeks since I've been able to write a post. In actuality I've had plenty of time, but I guess the days just kind of got away from me. That tends to happen to me during May for some reason.

It seems less odd then to think that I didn't realize that I'd be turning twenty this week until a few days ago. My birthday kind of just crept up on me and it's weird to think that I've completed my second decade of life.

In all honesty I've missed my sister a lot this week. Livvy always made a big deal about birthdays (both her own and others), so it kind of just feels weird not having her talk about it or planning some movie trip together to celebrate. And the first draft of this post was mainly about Livvy and how this has been the emptiest week for me since she's been gone.

But I've decided otherwise. Not because Livvy doesn't deserve a million posts, but because today I'm going to celebrate something I've been waiting on for a little over a week now.

So then it is my great joy to announce that Gabe and I are growing our tiny family and adopting our own little mess, a two-year-old Pointer mix named Rowena. (That's a reference to Harry Potter for all of those sad beings who haven't read the series.) After an excruciatingly long week of waiting and visiting our playful pup while we were waiting for her to get over a cough and get fixed, babygirl has finally come home.

My Dicey (my grandma) told me that when I called to tell her that Gabe had surprised me with adopting a dog for my birthday, I was the happiest I had sounded in weeks. While I'm sure that's a bit of an over statement, I'm not going to deny that seeing her happy face and wagging tail gives me great joy and helps to relieve some of the pain in my heart from this past year.

She reminds me that even though days are bad, and situations are bad, like being stuck in that tiny kennel for two weeks before Gabe and I found her, you can still be happy about the good moments. Like when mom and dad get you a new Sasquatch toy that SQUEAKS! Or when mom refills the water bowl just so you can slosh all of it out onto the floor and make a mess. Or when dad hides treats in his pocket just for you.

So happy birthday to me: I'm a dog mom.

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