The Space

This semester I'll be starting to work on my Honors in the Major project. For the film school that could mean anything from a research paper to a feature length script to a short film. After a lot of thought and reflection on my roots as an artist, I've decided on doing a video poem.

I'll leave going into detail about the project to another post at a later date, but suffice it to say that it'll deal with trying to convey an emotion and create an empathetic experience rather than a narrative story. To do this I've been looking into and experimenting with different cinematography techniques that enhance certain feelings and subjectivity.

Over this winter break I've been focusing on practicing lens whacking on my Panasonic GH4. Lens whacking basically involves moving a non-mounted lens closer and further away from the camera sensor. The gaps between the sensor and back elements of the lens allow light leakage and softened focus that create a sort of ethereal quality to the image. For more of a tutorial and explanation of whacking check out this video:

Below is the compiled footage of some of my whacking adventures over winter break. Enjoy!

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